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Solutions for Creating Better Lives!


The Community Action Alliance is a community based, action oriented organization focused on resolving issues and improving the lives of all residents of Costa Rica. Our focus is in several primary areas: Citizen Security, Economic Development, Environmental, and Education. We accomplish this through identifying clear and credible resources and bringing people together to develop solutions. Be a part of the solution!

Community Small Business Environment
Citizen Security Economic Development Environmental

Because of the level of concern and importance associated with this issue, for both Expats and Ticos alike, we formed a Citizen Security Committee. They have accomplished some amazing things, including a Town Hall Meeting, Security Summit, Citizen Security Petition on a national level, and Community Policing Workshop.

Where there is economic development, there are jobs and opportunities. And one of the findings from our Community Policing Workshop was that more economic opportunity would reduce crime in the area. For its first initiative, the Economic Development Committee of the Community Action Alliance has... Read more...

We all have a responsibility to protect and preserve the environment.  We are lucky to live in a beautiful country. The Community Action Alliance is committed to working with members of the community, organizations and government institutions to preserve the beauty and resources of Costa Rica.  




For the Community Action Alliance to effectively serve the city of San Ramon, it must have the ability to raise funds for various programs that are essential to the quality development of our community. Needs include an annual benefit to support local education, animals in need, environmental concerns, our orphanage & local arts programs.

Our most important goal is to help create greater well-being for all of the people of San Ramon and the most important aspect of this goal is San Ramon’s children and their education. The future economic, social and cultural development of San Ramon into a model city is dependant on its future generations’ education.

Our Membership Committee has three main priorities:
(1) To grow the alliance in both size and impact.
(2) To serve our members by helping them get the maximum value out of their CAA membership
(3) To stay in touch with members to better address their ideas, concerns, & opportunities.






Read about the Escuela Jorge Washington Solar Panel Project here.

And learn about one of the fundraisers for this project here.

Porque Yo Amo A Mi Pueblo…

Because I love My Town


The Community Action Alliance has a new publicity campaign to help translate the affinity that individuals, businesses and institutions in San Ramón have for their community into tangible acts that make a difference for the community at large.

Learn more and watch the first videos here.



"MythBusters II – The Truth about FATCA and more!"

What is a Fiscal Cliff anyway and who invented this nightmare to keep us at night?

Get the handouts, PowerPoint presentation, & special tax offer here...


Read our current newsletter here.

U.S. Ambassador Visits San Ramon

The Community Action Alliance wishes to acknowledge and thank U.S. Ambassador Anne Andrew who recently visited San Ramón and participated in a series of activities in support of our community.  The activities included a tour of UCR ReservaBiológica Alberto Brenes at which the Ambassador was joined by local dignitaries to communicate their commitment to the formation of a joint research relationship between UCR San Ramón and the University of Texas, Austin. 

The U.S. Embassy also hosted a lunch to discuss Green San Ramón: Environmental and Economic Initiatives and later in the day moderated a Youth Round Table with over 30 local youth program coordinators and participants to discuss youth development and economic prosperity.  Ambassador Andrew and other Embassy leaders have demonstrated overwhelming support for the work of the Community Action Alliance and particularly the Sister City program currently focused on Austin, Texas. 

Community Action Alliance Job Fair with IBM Costa Rica


On Saturday, August 18 the Community Action Alliance hosted a job fair with IBM at the Regional Museum of San Ramón.  Close to 1,000 candidates from San Ramón and surrounding communities and beyond attended the first job fair ever held by a multinational outside the Central Valley. Read more






San Ramón Group Explores Joint Venture Opportunities

Delegation Visits Austin to Research Sister City Relationship

A delegation of four representatives from San Ramón, Costa Rica recently visited Austin, Texas to promote collaboration around environmental initiatives.  During their visit the group met with the City of Austin, the Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies, the UT Energy Institute, the UT IC2 Institute, the Texas Climate & Carbon Exchange, the Catellus Group (Mueller Project), Pecan Street Inc., Firefly LED Lighting, Treehouse and other environmental-focused institutions and organizations.   The meetings focused on opportunities for collaboration including: San Ramón Carbon Neutral; Renewable Energy Generation; University Exchange Programs; Infrastructure Improvements; Green Building Supply Exports; Scientific Industrial Park Anchors; Manufacturers, Assembly, Testing; and Central and Latin American operations.



U.S. Embassy Newsletter Features Community Action Alliance

An article about the Community Action Alliance was recently featured in the U.S. Embassy in Costa Rica's Spring American Commections Newsletter. Click here to read the article.

Education Committee Recruiting Native-English Speaking Volunteers

The Education Committee of the Commuity Action Alliance has been helping local English teachers by providing native English speakers in their classrooms for several years now. We have helped in the local escuelas (primary schools) up through adult education, and at many levels of English proficiency.

If you are interested in joining in this effort, please download and read the following documents and contact Dave Scott at 2447-0746, 8866-3573, or

Volunteer Recruitment Letter

Volunteer Information Request

Musical Instrument Donation Program

This past December the Community Action Alliance was pleased to donate several music instruments to local schools in San Ramón.  Recently, Action Alliance members Mike Murphy and Earl Balance contacted several friends who were planning a visit to Costa Rica and asked them to see if they could bring down any used music instruments.  Well…thanks to Bill Reed and Leslie Lami-Reed of Kalamazoo, Michigan local musicians now have an additional nine instruments to play including a Piccolo, a Trombone, two Trumpets, four Clarinets and of all things, a Xylophone/Glockenspiel.  What was once just an idea has now become a program.    

Membership Rewards Program

The Action Alliance is pleased to launch our 2012 Membership Rewards Program which offers discounts and promotions from Action Alliance Business Members to all of our members. Alliance Members MUST present their Community Action Alliance Membership Cards to be eligible for the promotions. If you are an active member and do not have a membership card, you can pick one up at the monthly mixer or other official Action Alliance event.

Click here to see the current Membership Rewards Promotions.


Community Action Alliance of Costa Rica • 8333-8750 or 8919-2710